LA CONFESIÓN – (The Confession)

A co-production of Actors Slash, Krankyheads Productions & Turtle Race Productions

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Vange Tapia is an Actress/VO Talent and Producer, venturing in the directing world for mostly projects she is part of as an actor and in the creative aspect, such as writer/producer, etc…

She started in the entertainment business thanks to a series of commercials for National Television in her home country of Mexico, portraying a preppy girl and setting the new “it” phrase ¡No Inventes!. This opened doors for Vange in the Voice-Over industry and various television series as a Guest Star and Female Lead for prominent directors including Academy Award winner, Alfonso Cuarón.

In need of changing the narrative of stereotypes and to play characters she felt were a better fit for her, she began to write, produce and direct her own short films (including post-production).
Later on, Vange founded “Actors Slash”, connecting, supporting and showcasing actors who create their own opportunities as content creators and especially, building relationships. She has
invited to Actors Slash programs both, award-winning and emerging talent from actors to directors, producers, editors, casting directors, managers, and more.


  •  Vange Tapia
    “The Perfect Card”, “Pulp Regis”
  •  Antonio Chávez
  •  Antonio Chávez, Vange Tapia
  •  Izzy Martinez
    Key Cast
    “Mauricio Tovar”
    “Shadow Fighter”, “Shoot”
  •  Raúl Cantón
    Key Cast
    “Bruno C.”
    “Cuna de Lobos”, “La Sonrisa del Diablo”
  •  Antonio Chávez
    Key Cast
    “Dario C.”
    “ID Theft”, “A House Divided”
  •  Vange Tapia
    Key Cast
    “Ursula Vergara”
    “Uncle Paul”, “Hora Marcada”
  •  Daniel Teodoro
    “It’s Complicated” USC Global Game Jam 2019,
    “Take Down the Prodigy” CSUN Valley Performing Arts Center
  •  Antonio Chavez
    Executive Producer


Project Title (Original Language): La Confesión

Project Type: Short

Genres: Thriller

Runtime: 7 minutes 31 seconds

Completion Date: May 6, 2021

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: Spanish



Talking to my friend Antonio Chávez who has been a big supporter of Actors Slash and to whom I consider an “Actor/Slasher” himself (because in addition to acting, he also produces and writes), we agreed to work together soon. Shortly after that conversation, he expressed his desire to come up with a short film to submit in Film Festivals. Then, Raúl Cantón (actor/camera man) was invited for a brainstorm of ideas in which each of us would pitch a story. All of us agreed that Antonio’s “The Confession” was the right project to film.

The story talks about about three friends who felt responsible for what happened to someone they know. I chose to relinquish my female lead role and turned it into a male character for a trio
of male friends. An actor, who in addition knew how to edit, was brought on board. That Actor/Slasher was Izzy Martinez who had directed, written and produced his own projects as well. Everybody was clear on their roles/crew duties. Antonio and I co-produced the short and he was the sole executive producer.

As a woman, I had the pleasure to direct for the first time a story led by men. However, I tried to stick as much as possible to what Antonio had envisioned.
“The Confession” is a clever narrative with a team of five people in total, in co-production between Turtle Race Productions, Krankyheads Productions and Actors Slash, and because of our
financial situation in times of Covid, we had little-to-no budget. Our only resources were to trust one another and to adapt our skills as actors and creators to put together a quality short-film,
carefully written to be filmed with our own cellphones from our own homes and with an emerging composer who scored the right music. If you like suspense/thrillers, this is definitely a short you don’t want to miss.