About Actors Slash

Vange Tapia – Founder

“Actors Creating Their Own Opportunities”

Actors Slash / Connecting Slashers is dedicated to connect, support, promote and create opportunities together.

My main purpose is to build communities and relationships but especially, to empower one another regardless your nationality or background. Your disability is your ability and I look forward to meeting you and hopefully to work together.

Join me in my goal in changing the narrative and to connect and provide multiple opportunities for fellow local and international actors, producers, writers, directors and others in the entertainment industry including those from unrepresented communities. I’m all about, inclusion, diversity and advancing as a whole, together and I’m excited to write our own stories that better represent us.

Actors Slash has invited from Local to International actors and filmmakers to showcase their work in both Film & Theater Festivals as well as at the CCCM (Mexican Center of Cultural & Cinematic Arts) located in the Mexican Consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles who has been a huge supported to Culture, Art & Entertainment including Actors Slash programs.

Founded in 2017, I created Actors Slash believing in equality, inclusion & diversity, connecting and bringing together actors and filmmakers who produce their own content. I’m an actress/producer/VO Talent and on-camera host.  I felt the need to change the narrative in order to fit in projects that really portray me as a Mexican and other communities.

The idea of Actors Slash started way back, when I was traveling all over the USA while promoting this amazing country, “The USA”, as part of my work as an on-camera host/writer for the travel channel online for the US travel bureau “Visit the USA” (Formerly Discover America).

Driving, flying, cruising among other actors/presenters from different parts of the world, discovering the hidden treasures the US has to offer, us hosts would be asked to write our own scripts and articles about our trips. We would often assist with the production and/or camera person and during our free time sometimes we even came up with filming short films or videos just for fun. That is when I realized that we were Actors Slash Producers / Slash Presenters / Slash Writers.  We were “Actors Slash”…,  Actors Creating Opportunities. And I was there and now I’m here “Connecting S/ashers”. Now also a community to help others go through the opportunities and the lack of information I did not have when I first moved to Los Angeles,

Through Actors Slash I have produced and hosted 60 events including panels, screenings, contests, mixers, table reads) that have helped fellow creators showcase their wok and has introduced them with other fellow creative minds that have resulted in collaboration among each other.