Table Reads


July 2022 – S/ashers Reading Script for Future Short for Mario Corona

Actor Mario Corona giving instructions to Vange Tapia & Justin Regis after a Table Read for short that Mario wrote, directed and performed

February 2021 – S/ashers Reading Script for Future Short

Actor Antonio Chavez reading his script “The Confession”, a new short to be filmed among fellow talent/filmmakers Izzy Martínez , Raúl Cantón & Vange Tapia

December 2019 – Actors Slash at Real World Post Studio

S/ashers reading for Dir. Ricardo Nuñez: Alberto Ocampo, Marius Biegai, Cristina Castro, Mario Corona, Antonio Chávez & Ale Camacho

July 2019 – Script House & Actors Slash at Stephanie Feury Studio Theater

Director / Screen Writer Gabriela Paciel  put together a Live Read with screenwriters: Cycles by Katherine Street. Forever Connected by Max Bogner. Twin Flames by Melissa and Tom Dowler.

Actors Reading brought by & Vange Tapia (Actors Slash) : Andrea Martina, Bobby Poirier, Christy Lee Hugues, Daniel Silva, Lynna Yee, Robert Brettenaugh & Vange Tapia

May 2019 – Script House & Actors Slash at Complex Theatres in Hollywood

Fun time last night with The Script House’s First Live Read. 4 short stories read on stage by the uber talented actors Paola Silva, Jessie Ann Black, Kathrin Kana, Christy Lee Hughes, Mario Corona, Robert Brettenaugh,  Felipe de Lara and Vange Tapia.

The actors read their scripts in front of an audience, the event organizer Gabriela Paciel and film critic Mario Szekely. As well as the writers themselves.